TikTok Chili…I’m Hungry

This week I decided to try making a TikTok for my “how to” video. I chose to make chili as I knew that I would be able to make a big batch and freeze some for the upcoming weeks. In order to find a chili recipe I used my handy sidekick Pinterest and began to search for one that suits my needs. I found this recipe to be the best one as it was simple and I had all of the ingredients that were needed. Although I decided to add a couple extra ingredients, it only made the recipe that much better! 

In terms of the TikTok app, I actually really enjoyed using it in order to make this video. It was perfect for being able to stop and start the recording when needed, which is exactly what I need when I am videoing something by myself. However, with TikTok you can only choose between 15 second or 60 second videos, therefore I needed to create a couple videos in order to be able to capture the entire process. When you originally start creating a video, it also gives you the option of using only pictures. 

Another function I loved about using this app was the fact that you can include sounds, effects, text, sticks, filters, and even voiceover if you so choose! For my video I decided to mute the sound, but I did use the text function a lot. This is how I created each of the “steps” for the video in order for the viewers to follow along. Although I included steps in my TikTok, I did not include the specific measurements of ingredients, therefore if anyone is wanting to cook this delicious chili, I suggest following the recipe that is linked above!

TikTok, gives users the option of making their videos private, public, or “friends only”. I chose private for the time being since in order to watch the entire video, I used iMovie to merge the three separate TikToks together. This allowed me to create a video that is easy for my fellow classmates to enjoy! 

To relate TikTok to digital identity, I think it is important to note that although TikTok can be used to make great resources, it is very important to be aware of the privacy settings as well as what you are posting considering anyone can view them, if they are set to public. I had posted a link on my Twitter account titled TikTok : Powerful Teaching Tool or Classroom Management Nightmare (you may need a free account to view it like I did) and I feel that this article gives us a really good feel for what parents as well as teachers need to be aware of when their students or children are using this app. The article also talks about how it can be used to create engaging lessons within the classroom. I have attached a snapshot of the article, but I encourage you to further read the rest of it to find out more about TikTok in classrooms!

Enjoy the video! – Next time I’ll add some music so it’s a little more entertaining to watch haha!

7 thoughts on “TikTok Chili…I’m Hungry

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  1. Let me start off by saying, YUM! that chili looks amazing. I have TikTok but I do not know how to use it very well. I have never created a video so I imagine that this took a lot of effort. Keep up the great work!

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  2. Now I am hungry! A nice easy and fun way to follow a recipe, this reminds me of those videos on Facebook that have someone making the food with you and lists the ingredients as you put them in. Also, I have noticed that TikTok is being used more and more for things outside of dancing. A creative fun way to show anyone how to make chilli, on a user-friendly platform. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. That looks great! I am obsessed with Tik Tok, so using it to teach us something is such a good idea! I also really liked how detailed your blog post was. Your chili looks so good, and just like the others said I am also now hungry! Good job!

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